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Justin Chard and Katia Kianpour

Riot Night was originally founded by Justin Chard and Katia Kianpour, two friends from college who connected over their shared love of music. Ten years and many beers later, they decided to throw a party to share their passion for the music they grew up on with the Arizona music scene.


The first Riot Night was held on Sept​ember​ 14​,​ 2016 at Rockbar in Scottsdale, Arizona. Starting with little more than a laptop and microphone, Riot Night has since grown into an esteemed and respected live event. They've hosted notable guests such as members of Yellowcard, All Time Low, New Found Glory, Underoath, Atreyu, Finch, and MANY MORE! 


Riot Night has gained considerable notability and momentum since the first "emo party" in 2016. They've expanded the brand by throwing album release parties, themed nights, and promoting concerts by purchasing national & local tour packages through their new vertical Riot Night Presents.


What started as a casual night out amongst close friends has grown into a vibrant community and music experience throughout the Arizona valley. Riot Night continues to bring high caliber artists and production into intimate club spaces. Some would say, this has allowed Riot Night to create an unmatched "VIP experience" for the fans.


Join us! We are RIOT NIGHT!

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